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Your oral health affects every part of your life, from your appearance and self-esteem to your overall health and wellness. This means that your oral health needs are as unique as you are. Great dentistry can improve the appearance, function, and health of your teeth at any age.

That’s why we have designed our practice to provide gentle, personalized care to every patient. From your very first visit to our beautiful, relaxing office, you will find that we take time with you.

During your consultation, we will discuss the state of your smile with you. We ask you about your smile goals and answer all your questions. We work together with you to review your options and design your individual treatment plan. Our dedication to excellent quality care in a comfortable, convenient office is why so many people choose Terrell Family Dentistree.

Dr. Crystal Stinson, Dentist

Terrell Dentist Dr Stinson

Dr. Crystal Stinson, a proud Texan native, hails from the vibrant city of Houston, where her journey toward becoming a dedicated dental professional first began.

Her academic pursuits led her to achieve a Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry from the esteemed University of Houston. Guided by her academic excellence and a blossoming romance with her college sweetheart, she embarked on a transformative path that led her to dental school in Dallas. Her unwavering commitment to both her education and personal life resulted in her establishing roots in the picturesque town of Cedar Hill, a place she now calls home.

In 2014, Dr. Stinson earned her coveted Doctorate of Dental Surgery from Texas A&M University College of Dentistry, graduating within the top echelon of her dental class. Her pursuit of knowledge and mastery in her field continued as she achieved a Master of Science Degree in Education for Healthcare Professionals in 2016, followed by a distinguished Doctorate Degree in Oral Biology with a specialized focus on orofacial pain in 2017 – both conferred by Texas A&M University College of Medicine.

Dr. Stinson’s dedication to dental education and patient care was demonstrated during her tenure as a full-time instructor at the Dental School until 2021. Transitioning seamlessly into a thriving private dental practice, her passion for patient well-being and oral health optimization remains unwavering. Committed to patient comfort and empowerment, she invests time in educating her patients, ensuring they feel at ease during their dental visits.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Dr. Stinson finds joy in her role as a Wife to Kenneth Stinson, a partnership that has flourished since 2006. Together, they share the privilege of nurturing two wonderful children, Kenneth II and Kensington. Dr. Stinson’s multifaceted interests include globe-trotting adventures, exploring new culinary horizons, discovering charming boutiques, and actively engaging in her church and women’s ministry. Amidst her varied passions, she regards her cherished family as life’s most precious blessing.

Dr. Crystal Stinson stands as a shining example of professional excellence, compassionate care, and dedicated service, embodying the essence of a holistic dental practitioner deeply committed to the well-being of her patients and the enrichment of her community.

Tessa Nottingham, Hygienist

Terrell Dentist Tessa

Tessa, a native of Texas, proudly calls Fort Worth her hometown. Following a transformative nine-year journey alongside her Husband’s military career, they chose to establish their roots in Northeast Texas.

Driven by an enduring passion for dentistry, Tessa embraces the power of oral care and education in empowering patients to radiate confidence through their smiles. Her entry into the dental field as a Registered Dental Assistant marked the initial step towards her ultimate aspiration – becoming a Registered Dental Hygienist.

Tessa’s dedication to her craft led her to Tarrant County College, where she diligently pursued her education and earned an Associates of Applied Science in Dental Hygiene Degree with Honors. Her exemplary commitment to her studies was underscored by the prestigious Golden Scaler Award, recognizing her prowess in time management, professionalism, planning, organization, patient-centered approach, and clinical proficiency.

Armed with a profound commitment to patient well-being, Tessa is steadfast in her mission to deliver outstanding oral health education and superior care. Her spare moments are enriched through diverse interests, including traversing new landscapes through travel, savoring culinary adventures, nurturing botanical creations in her garden, and basking in outdoor exploration alongside her Husband. Their household is complete with the cherished presence of two Labrador Retrievers and an adored feline companion.

Tessa eagerly anticipates forging meaningful connections with her patients, fostering a positive rapport, and leaving an indelible imprint on their oral health journeys. Her aspiration is to empower her patients to exude confidence through their smiles, embodying the transformative impact of comprehensive oral care.

Beatriz Mata, Front Office Manager

Beatriz is a distinguished Registered Dental Assistant with an impressive 22-year tenure in the dental field. Hailing from the vibrant city of Dallas, Texas, her journey in dentistry has been marked by a deep commitment to both patient care and community service.

Her early career was cultivated through invaluable experiences with Dental Health Programs, where she embraced her role as a dental assistant. Within this capacity, Beatriz adeptly assisted dentists, expertly administered X-rays, and earned certification in nitrous oxide administration. Demonstrating her versatility and dedication, she transitioned to a pivotal position at the front desk, adeptly managing the clinic’s operations and patient interactions.

For an impactful span of 14 years, Beatriz made meaningful contributions to Dental Health Programs, previously known as Community Dental Care. Subsequently, she further enriched her expertise by contributing seven years of dedicated service to Texas A&M College of Dentistry. In this esteemed academic environment, she collaborated with dental students and instructors, seamlessly integrating her accumulated knowledge and skills into her daily practice.

Beatriz’s extensive journey has not only honed her professional acumen but also instilled a profound sense of compassion. Her interactions with patients are characterized by an unwavering commitment to their well-being, fueled by a genuine desire to inform and assist. Her association with community-oriented clinics has afforded her the opportunity to make a positive impact on the less fortunate while continually deepening her understanding of dentistry.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Beatriz’s life is enriched by her roles as a devoted Wife and nurturing mother to three children and a cherished granddaughter. A seeker of new experiences and a steadfast contributor to her church and ministry, she finds joy in engaging with people and fostering an atmosphere of genuine positivity. Beatriz’s ultimate goal is to witness the radiant smiles of those she encounters, a testament to her enduring dedication and heartfelt approach to dentistry and life.

Equilla Tucker, RDA

Terrell Dentist Equilla

Equilla Tucker’s journey into the world of dentistry commenced in 2008 when she discovered her unwavering passion for the field. Despite an initial inclination towards Pharmacy Tech, she embarked on a transformative path by pursuing RDA classes, which ultimately led her to graduate with Honors from Southeastern Career Institute. Equilla’s dedication to dental care ignited a desire to delve deeper, prompting her to set her sights on the realm of preventive dentistry and aspire to become a dental hygienist – a goal she is actively pursuing.

Drawing from years of experience as an accomplished RDA, Equilla’s commitment to excellence remains steadfast. While she embarks on her educational journey through online courses, she maintains her proficiency and keeps her dental skills sharp as an integral member of the Terrell Family Dentistree team since 2022.

Beyond her professional aspirations, Equilla finds fulfillment in her role as a devoted Wife and mother to three wonderful children. Together, they engage in an array of active pursuits, including sports like football and track, as well as indulging in the world of anime. Equilla’s creative spirit finds expression through crafting, tending to her yard, and immersing herself in the pages of enriching literature during her leisure hours. 

Hannah Cisneros, RDA

Terrell Dentist Hannah

Hannah Cisneros is a dedicated and accomplished Registered Dental Assistant with a proven track record in providing exceptional patient care. She obtained her certification from the esteemed College of Healthcare Professions and subsequently embarked on an enriching externship under the mentorship of Dr. Stinson. Upon completing her program, Hannah transitioned seamlessly into a pivotal role within our clinic, where she continues to thrive.

Throughout her tenure with Dr. Stinson, Hannah has honed her expertise in a range of critical dental procedures, including X-Ray imaging, administration of nitrous oxide, denture care, and comprehensive dental assistance. Her commitment to ongoing learning, collaborative teamwork, and patient-centered care underscores her unwavering dedication to the field.

A native of the Dallas area, Hannah’s roots are firmly planted in the community she serves. She takes immense pride in her recent marriage to her high school sweetheart and is delighted to call Kaufman home, where she shares her life with their cherished trio of canine companions. Beyond her professional pursuits, Hannah finds solace in reading, indulging in television, and exploring her passion for fashion through shopping. Time spent with loved ones and her zest for travel further exemplify her well-rounded and nurturing personality.

With an innate passion for aiding others and a profound respect for continuous growth, Hannah not only contributes significantly to our dental practice but also embodies the essence of a lifelong learner and compassionate care provider.